Vitas Povilaitis

Waltham, MA 02451

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Senior Software Engineer

Multifaceted career with 10+ years of demonstrated success in automation and software engineering

Technical professional with strong Python, Java, C++, Linux, and Windows skills, as well as a solid background in workflow automation and Agile team leadership. Exceptional ability to identify opportunities for improvement and enhancement, while also adapting to project parameters. Looking for a role in the greater Boston area.

Full Software Life-Cycle / Python / Java / C++ / Linux / Windows

Workflow Automation / Agile & Lean Project Management

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer (2011 2017) Exa Corporation

Led successful project outcomes through the application of Agile methodologies, including user story maps, stand-up meetings, and other planning strategies. Mentored and coached QA interns to inform on Agile and testing practices.

Key Achievements:

  Converted optimization math library from MATLAB to Java and C++ to serve as the API in different products

  Created Isight and modeFRONTIER node/component, called Exa PowerFLOW Optimization Solution, to automate optimization simulations workflow (Java)

  Automated workflow through various Windows and Linux engineering applications (Python, SocketServer), served as a proof-of-concept for Exa PowerFLOW Optimization Solution

  Added morphing feature to DeltaGen (C++) which served as a proof-of-concept for the feature in PowerVIZ


Application Programmer (2010 2011) Active Broadband Networks

Enhanced enterprise critical software responsible for collecting docsys ipdr information from cable modems and applying traffic shaping policies (Python, PHP, Linux). Mentored intern working on networking driver status using C under Linux.

Key Achievements:

  Added (RESTful) web services to display customer data and update system parameters (Python, Zope)

  Created an automated pay-as-you-go system for accessing cable modem services (Python, PHP)

  Developed an automated regression test for distributed high availability Linux software (Mercurial, buildbot and bash)



Computer Programmer (2008 2010) Independent Study

Proactively sought out opportunities to improve programming skills and to gain additional knowledge of popular technologies.

Key Achievements:

  Created an automated checkout-build-package-deploy-test bash script under Linux to facilitate an auditable, deterministic and repeatable software release process

  Debugged open-source Java code (Azureus) to add integrity to NAS disk I/O and fix file naming

  Programmed a survey/polling web page using Python, Django and Google App Engine as a proof-of-concept

  Programmed an LOLCODE parser in Java as a proof-of-concept

Systems Programmer (2007 2008) Ibis Technology

Managed ongoing system needs and innovations, working closely with team members to identify the best approach to quality outcomes.

Key Achievements:

  Enhanced host controller for SIMOX (Separation by Implanted Oxygen, semiconductor technology) device programmed in Microsoft Visual C++ and a database, and its complementary GUI (Java)

Systems Programmer (2006 2007) Lexmark International, Inc.

Developed and documented real-time memory tracking in Linux for application groups at the kernel level adding system calls and /proc files to prevent applications from going beyond designated memory requirements.

Key Achievements:

  Added memory debug /proc file on PowerPC and ARM processors to show how memory pages are allocated (writable, read-only private, read-only)

Previous roles:

Systems Engineer (2004 to 2005) at United Electronic Industries; Development Engineer (1998 to 2003) at Motorola/Wavemark Technologies.


Education and Training

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Rochester Institute of Technology


Agile New England (Agile Alliance affiliate / ACM chapter)

Boston C++ Meetup

Boston Java Meetup

Boston Python Meetup

Virtual Agile Reading Group



Pinball Engineer / Network Integrated Home Theater Hobbyist / Board Game Hobbyist / Glass Fusing & Sculpting Hobbyist / Day-Hiker and Casual Cyclist / Writer (creative & technical) / Artist