Vitas Povilaitis


Software engineer with opportunities towards project management.


Currently engaged in self-study, learning C#, Java, SQL, and Lean Programming Methodologies.


Google App Engine under Python and Django, Deep Agile 2009, Xionics Postscript/PCL Porting, Digital Imaging Overview, Java Programming, Windows VxD Programming, C++, Object Oriented Design, Oracle/SQL, AIX Internals


C, C++, Java, Unix shell scripts (Perl, Ruby, ksh, csh, sh, bash,) World Wide Web HTML/CGI, Assembler


Linux, MS Windows


MS Visual Studio, Metrowerks Code Warrior, various hardware debuggers and interfaces (WireTAP, Abatron bdiGDB, IBM RiscWatch, Windriver VisionICE/VisionClick), GNU tools (gdb, gcc, Cygwin), basic operating system services (tasker, message passing, memory management, semaphores), various source control tools (Subversion)

Professional Experience

Ibis Technology – May 2007 to October 2008


· Enhanced host controller for SIMOX device programmed in Microsoft Visual C++ and SQL, and its complementary GUI programmed in Java.

Analysts International – January 2006 to February 2007

SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER, Contracted with Lexmark International, Inc., Lexington, KY

· Developed and documented real-time memory tracking in Linux for application groups at the kernel level adding system calls and /proc files.  The goal was to catch applications unintentionally going outside their designated memory requirements.

· Added memory debug /proc file on PowerPC and ARM processors to show how memory pages are allocated (writable, read-only private, read-only.)

United Electronic Industries – October 2004 to July 2005


· Designed and implemented release procedure using shell scripts with an eye toward predictability and repeatability.  Wrote and updated user documentation.  Upgraded team to use Subversion source control.

· Ported firmware to Motorola's MPC5200 PowerPC processor under Windows using Metrowerks Codewarrior.  Debugged via WireTAP JTAG debugger.

· Updated data acquisition firmware and libraries for Motorola's MCP5272 Coldfire processor.  Programmed client-side libraries using Microsoft's Visual C Studio.

Motorola/Wavemark Technologies – April 1998 to November 2003


· Ported product application, libraries and drivers to Linux on a new Motorola processor using C code.

· Ported application to new products on PowerPC processors as a team leader and developer; also gathered requirements, designed, implemented and documented port specific paper handling policies, for products that went to market.

Questra Consulting – November 1995 to April 1998

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Contracted with Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Xionics, Rochester, NY

· Motivated the development of the internal API's. Designed, implemented and documented API functions, which consisted of a volatile database and of its' reporting. This Xerox project was completed ahead of schedule earning a considerable monetary bonus for the company and recognition for the Questra project team.

· Ported application to new MFP on PowerPC processors under pSOS using Gnu gcc development tools and Windriver VisionICE/VisionClick dubugging environment.  [Xionics]

· Designed, developed and enabled several integral daemon processes in C++ within the flow of Internet commerce server software. Made use of Rogue Wave Tools.h++ C++ class tools.  One of the processes interfaced with a prominent credit card processing firm, First Data/NABANCO, and utilized several processing programs which enabled customer to automatically process credit card orders submitted over the World Wide Web pre-dating general automated credit card processing. This was the backend work for Microsoft's Picture It!.  [Kodak]

· Maintained microfiche printer that used a Sun workstation and C code as its controller. [Kodak]

Nortel – January 1993 to November 1995


· Developed, documented and maintained networking tools, and inter-process communications libraries using C code and standard Unix IPC facilities.

· Designed and developed web-based access, using HTML and CGI, to a proprietary bug-report database.

Graceful Boot Bulletin Board Service – May 1991 to December 1995


· Maintained the daily operations of Internet e-mail, Usenet newsgroups, and file downloads for the local Amiga computer community pre-dating general Internet access.

· Designed and implemented additional services to interface with the Internet via UUCP, including a newsreader, a FAQ archiver and an automated binary file decoder and uploader.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Graduated 1991, Rochester, NY

· B.S. in Computer Science

· Deans list twice

· Senior Lab Assistant

Personal Disclosure

· Site manager for Montage '93 -- city-wide technology art fair in Rochester, NY

· Network integrated home theater hobbyist

· Board game hobbyist

· Glass fusing/sculpting hobbyist

· Day-hiker and casual bicyclist

· Writer (creative and technical)

· Artist

References available upon request