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    These days I focus on comic line art because i can quickly make my point.

    This page contains a few scribbles I made one day in July.

    The heading artwork shows a few of the ways I see myself.

    This is just a study of a hand from my imagination. I like making superfluous scribbles to make things look rough and detailed.

    This is just a study of a face from my imagination. I like exploring shadows-- it makes faces look very dramatic.

    Most of my doodles involve two sides of me. One is highly logical, calm, and nice. The other is highly passionate, melodramatic, and assertive.

    So what do you think it's all leading up to?

    I'm facinated by shapes. I occasionally see old trees that have grown around fences. The trees basically assimilate the fence!

    I like pitching these two sides of me in debates. It helps me make decisions based on logic and my morals. I need these debates because sometimes logic and morality come in conflict over the same issue and I have to decide to go one way or the other.

    I like the feeling of being "in love", but it's such a shallow feeling that never goes anywhere. "Love" is a more mature emotion and I should logically follow that, but being "in love" still feels so good.

    How many times have you belived someone's words in spite of their actions being different? I was burned by this when I attended a personal-growth seminar. Now I will believe someone's words, but let someone's actions override their words--no matter how much I'd like for the words to be true.

    I thought about what the differences are between computer programmers, artists, and lovers. Here is a look at what I quickly came up with: I then wondered about infatuation and asked myself a few questions: As a goal oriented person, I have to keep reminding myself to answer these questions:

    These are just a few faces I thought up. I enjoy drawing faces because there is so much expression and variety in them.

    This is a special image for me. It represents my first loving relationship. I called her "Kitty" and she called me "Bear". To this day, I look fondly on that relationship. Even though it was never meant to be, it's still the best experience I ever had.

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