Board Game Session Report for July 25, 2002: Nautilus, Zombies!!!


Danger Planet session. 3-player Nautilus, 5-player Zombies!!!


Players were Eric, Rich and myself. Eric and Rich played for the first time.

Rich started out submerging stations every chance he got. This cost him in the end when he ran out of money. Eric explored discoveries aggressively. I was trying to balance submerging stations and didn't start exploring until after Eric did. In the end, we were about two rounds from ending the game. Rich and I ran out of money, and Eric could have gone on, so we agreed to end it then instead of letting it drag. We ended the game after two hours.

Nautilus end-game

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Players were Demitry, Andrew, Eric, Ralph and myself. Everyone else were a new players. We played the Quick Play Rules. We added the Army Corps(e) expansion.

No Brains Here

I like the cards from the Army Corps(e) expansion. The Army Front Gate was laid late in the game so it was irrelevant. I took the lead early on, which meant everyone did everything in their power to slow me down. Ralph was a close second, but he didn't have many zombies nearby after a while. The helipad was placed far away from everyone, since there weren't many places to put it when it finally came out. Though there was a mad dash for the helipad, I was able to kill the remaining zombies I needed to win.

This game did drag after the novelty wore off. I'm going to try my variant next time. I really like the game, but one game should last about a half-hour... not one and a half hours like this game did (even with the quick play rules.)

Final scores:

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