Board Game Session Report for August 14, 2002: Icehouse Volcano, Royal Turf


While I was visiting relatives in Lithuania, I introduced some games to them.

Private session. 2,3-player Icehouse Volcano, 4-player Royal Turf.

Icehouse Volcano

Players were Augie, Algis and myself. Everyone else were new players.

Augie gave up early, considering Chess *the* strategy game to play. Algis found the game quite engaging, however. Even though I stayed ahead of his score, he kept up. Though, he did end the game too early the first time, letting me win.

Algis liked the game enough for a second try.

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Royal Turf

Players were Zivile, Algis, Steve and myself. Everyone else were new players. We played with the full rules (including the face-down bets, and the bluff bet.)

I brought this game along, because it'll be easy to explain, and could be engaging for everyone in the family. But I couldn't generate enough interest in as many people as I hoped. Surprisingly, my horse-loving buddy, Steve, who I brought along on the trip didn't find the game engaging -- maybe because his horses didn't do so well. Algis did his best to keep his best horse going. Zivile kept advancing all her horses, even the one with the bluff bet, because she forgot which she put it on. (So did I. But hey! It's all for fun.)

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