Board Game Session Report for August 15, 2002: Icehouse Volcano, Royal Turf, Jenga


While I was visiting relatives in Lithuania, we engaged in another round of gaming.

Private-session. 2-player Icehouse Volcano, 3-player Royal Turf, 3-player Jenga.

Icehouse Volcano

Players were Augie, Algis and myself. We both played this before.

Algis surprised me by requesting this game. He's what I'd call a big lug, so I wouldn't have pegged him as an abstract strategy gamer. Goes to show you can't judge a person from their demeanor.

As before, he played a good game, but I was able to stay ahead of him. We played two games.

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Royal Turf

Players were Algis, Zivile and myself. We all played this before. We played with the full rules (including the face-down bets, and the bluff bet.)

I couldn't get Steve to try this again, which is a shame, because this game plays better with more people. Though, I think it starts to drag when playing three races in a row for the full game.

I tried to spread my tokens onto the same horses as other players. I didn't want to go the race alone. Once again, Algis did his best to keep his best horse going. Zivile kept advancing all her horses, even the one with the bluff bet, because she forgot which she put it on. (So did I. But hey! It's all for fun.)

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Players were Zivile, Steve and myself. We all played before.

Zivile brought out the Jenga set she received as a gift during her visit to America last year. It was a good game to wrap up the evening. We didn't seem to reach the impossible heights I remembered before the game ended with Zivile toppling the tower.

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