Board Game Session Journal for September 6, 2002 - October 7, 2002: Agora, Bamboleo, Button Men, Call My Bluff, Checkers (Calvin ball variant), Chrononauts, Crokinole, Cube Farm, Fluxx, Frieght Train, Icehouse Volcano, Kid's Caranium Cadoo, Kingdoms, Liberte, Lord of the Rings, Mad Scientist, Mage Knight Dungeons, Magic: the Gathering CCG, Max-Ax (Prototype), Nautilus, Nexus, Ogre, On the Edge CCG, Pueblo, Pylos, Royal Turf, Through the Desert, Tikal, Trans America, Traume Fabrik, When Darkness Comes, Xxxenophile.


This is an unformatted list of games that I've played since my last update. I'd like to return to this list to at least fill out information about new games, but I doubt I will. There's new games to be played, and the past is not as interesting.

September 6, 2002
B20 open gaming.  7-player Call My Bluff, 5-player Liberte, 2-player Ogre.

Call My Bluff.
Scott won.

Call My Bluff: It's all about the dice, baby!


The battle of the factions during the French Revolution.

Players were Jesie, Brian, Scott, Campbell and myself.  I was new to the game.
90 minutes to play.
Brian: 0/3/8/14
Campbell: 3/5/5/12
Vitas: 2/2/10/12
Jesie: 0/9/9/11
Scott: 5/5/7/10

Players were Dave and myself.  I was new to the game.
25 minutes to go over the rules. 50 minutes to play.

My brand new, and unpainted Ogre miniatures game.

In the end, Dave was left with GEV and howitzer against my ogre.
September 7, 2002
SOG session at Chip's.
3-player Magic: the Gathering CCG,
7-player When Darkness Comes.

Magic: the Gathering CCG.
I won.

When Darkness Comes.

The players of When Darkness Comes.

Three hour game.
Players were Chip & Sara (as Robert),
Liz (as Valerie),
Rico & Laurie (as the transgendered Samantha),
Leah (as the seductive Sharon),
and myself (as Brian).
Liz: 34
Rico/Laurie: 34 (role-playing bonus)
Chip/Sarah: 26
Lea: 16
Vitas: 16

The game of When Darkness Comes.

You can find a different point-of-view of this session at Chip's blog (September 11, 2002 entry).

September 8, 2002
Private session.  2,3-player Fluxx.
four games.
September 9, 2002
Private session.  2-player Buffy the Vampire CCG.
70 minute game.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG end game -- evil loses badly.

Cindy: 14
Vitas: 2
September 12, 2002
Danger Planet open session.  2-player Icehouse Volcano, 2-player Nexus,
5-player Lord of the Rings, 4-player Frieght Train.

Icehouse Volcano.
Players were Karl and myself.
12 minutes.

Icehouse Volcano end-game.

Karl: 25
Vitas: 20

Players were Karl and myself.
21 minutes.
Vitas: 11
Karl: 7

Lord of the Rings.
Players were Matt, Rich, Pilar, Cindy and myself.
72 minutes for the game.
Quest failed at 52 points (playing the easy rules.)

Floundering in the mines of Moria.

Frieght Train.
Players were Eric, Doug, Karl and myself.
12 minutes to go over rules. 47 minutes for first round.  38 minutes for
second round.  Skipped third round (store closing.)

Lines of frieght cars in Frieght Train.

Karl: 22/34
Doug: 20/30
Vitas: 19/30
Eric: 18/26
September 14-15, 2002
Private session. 2-player Pylos.
Players were Donna and myself.  We were both new to the game.
Each game lasted about five to ten minutes.

Losing looks so good with Pylos.

We played ten games, and I won one -- the very first game
before we fully understood the rules.  Donna won the rest.
September 19, 2002
Danger Planet open session.
4-player Kingdoms, 4-player Royal Turf,
4-player Pueblo, 4-player Traume Fabrik.

Players were Karl, Chris, Jeff and myself.

Happy players posing with Kingdoms.

Game lasted an hour.

Kingdoms end-game.

Karl: 46
Chris: 43
Vitas: 37
Jeff: 22

Royal Turf.
Players were Karl, Chris, Jeff and myself.

Royal Turf: And they're off...

Game lasted 30 minutes.
Vitas: 750
Karl: 700
Jeff: 550
Chris: 400

Chris tries to avoid the bad mojo when the die lands on a corner after a slow roll.

Players were Karl, Chris, Jeff and myself.

Chris intensly concentrates on finding a safe spot in Pueblo.

game lasted 31 minutes.
Chris: 58
Jeff: 45
Vitas: 43
Karl: 31

Players were Chris, Ralph, Cindy and myself.
Game lasted 53 minutes.
Vitas: 89
Chris: 74
Cindy: 70
Ralph: 56
September 23, 2002
SOG session at Rob's.
2-player Crokinole, 2-player Cube Farm,
3-player Through the Desert,
3-player Nautilus, 2-player Mad Scientist,
2-player Button Men.

Players were Rob and myself.
Rob : 100
Vitas: 15

Cube Farm.
Players were Rob and myself.  Rob was new.

First round of Cube Farm.

Rob: 25 + 19 + 19 + 71 = 134
Vitas: 30 + 21 + 26 + 55 = 132

Through the Desert.
Players were Lewis, Rob and myself.  I was new.
about 30 minutes.
Rob: 8 + 87 = 95
Lewis: 21 + 55 = 76
Vitas: 14 + 54 = 68

Players were Lewis, Rob and myself.  Lewis was new.
Two hour game.
Rob: 20 x 7 + 0 = 140
Lewis: 7 x 8 + 24 = 80
Vitas: 9 x 8 + 2 = 76

Mad Scientist.
Players were Rob and myself.  I was new.
Ten minute game.

The end of the game of Mad Scientist.

Vitas: 4
Rob: 1

Button Men.
Players were Rob and myself.  Rob was new.
Rob (Hannah): 50/50/50
Vitas (Kublai): 38/38/26
September 30, 2002
SOG session at Mark's.
3-player Trans America, 3-player Nautilus.

Trans America.
Players were Mark, Lewis and myself.  I was new.
15 minutes to explain the game, 30 minutes to play.
Vitas: 6
Mark: 4
Lewis: Off the scoreboard.

Players were Mark, Lewis and myself.  Mark was new.
about 2.5 hours to play.
Vitas: 110
Lewis: 104
Mark: 64
October 3, 2002
Danger Planet open gaming.
4-player Mage Knight Dungeons,
4-player Tikal.

Mage Knight Dungeons.
Players were Cindy, Karl, Ralph, and myself.  We were all new to the game.
Karl went first.

Close to getting our butts kicked in Mage Knight Dungeons.

Game lasted 35 minutes.
Everyone lost.
Scores don't matter when you lose, but just for trivia:
Vitas (playing Tinker Geely): 25 xp (killed second)
Karl (playing Alsyn Vale): 14 xp (killed first)
Ralph (playing Arman Gessup): 9 xp (killed fourth)
Cindy (playing Daketh Zhagrim): 0 xp (killed third)

Players were Cindy, Karl, Ralph and myself.
Karl went first.

Looks like a serious game of Tikal.
Game lasted 95 minutes.
Karl: 94
Cindy: 93
Ralph: 92
Vitas: 82

Click here and scroll down to "2nd" for Ralph's take on our games.

October 4, 2002
B20 open gaming.
3-player Agora,
4-player Tikal.

Players were Dave, Ralph, and myself.
Dave went first.

The messy looking markets of Agora.

Ralph: 55
Dave: 42
Vitas: 29

Players were Richard, Kyle, Ralph and myself.
Richard went first.
Game was 91 minutes.

Tikal, fully explored.

Richard: 7/27/57/95 (with 6 explorers in reserve)
Ralph: 4/22/55/95 (with no explorers in reserve)
Kyle: 7/26/57/89
Vitas: 5/24/51/82

Click here and scroll down to "3rd" for Ralph's take on our games.

October 5, 2002
Played games with my dear friend's daughter.

Played two games of Fluxx that lasted under five minutes;
the winning hand came out disappointingly quickly.

Max-Ax (Prototype).

Kid's Cranium Cadoo.
Played three times.

Checkers (Calvin ball variant).
I should explain this one.  We're fans of Calvin & Hobbes, a comic strip
in which the boy plays a game in which they make up the rules as they
go along.  Calvin-checkers gives us a chance to be creative in our
game play.

October 7, 2002
SOG session. 
3-player Nexus, 3-player Chrononauts,
2-player Bamboleo, 2-player On the Edge CCG,
2-player Xxxenophile.

Players were Mark, Sue and myself. I played before.
Mark: 12
Sue: 9
Vitas: 8

Players were Mark, Sue and myself.  We all played before.
10 minute game.
Mark won as Rufus.

Players were Mark and myself.  I was new.
Quick demo.

On the Edge CCG.  I was new.
Players were Mark and myself.
(Quick game in which I won 26-0. Then...)
One hour game.
Mark: 24
Vitas: 18

Xxxenophile CCG.  I was new.
Players were Mark and myself.
One hour game.
Mark: over 100
Vitas: 70
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