Board Game Session Report for November 2, 2002: Wyatt Earp, North American Rails


SOG session. 4-player Wyatt Earp, 6-player North American Rails.

This is strange. I have images for this session, but not notes. Oh, well... let's make the most of it!

Wyatt Earp

Players were Chris, Ralph, ??, myself. New players to the game were: Chris, ??, myself.

This is a suit matching card game. Players try to play suits to match what's already in front of them. There are wild cards and action cards that add a twist to the game. Keep playing rounds until a player wins using all the suits.

Or... am I confusing this with Ivanhoe?

Wyatt Earp, the card game.

We played this as a filler game while waiting for more people to free up. It's a light game that doesn't take much thought. We ended early.

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North American Rails

Players were ??, Chris, Ralph, ??, Esa, myself. New players to the game were: ??, Chris, ??, Esa, myself.

This is a rail game in which players construct lines across the country to connect cities, and run cars carrying goods from source to destination as chosen on cards drawn. The object of the game is to collect the most money (by delivering the most valuable goods.)

Gamers happily playing North American Rails.

We ended this game early because it was getting late. We did this just as a disaster hit that was a detriment to most players, evening us out.

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