Board Game Session Report for December 5, 2002: Star Wars Queen's Gambit, Magic the Gathering, Poker.


Private session. 2-player Star Wars A Queen's Gambit, 3-player Magic the Gathering, 4-player Poker.

Star Wars: A Queen's Gambit

Players were Chip (playing the Naboo forces) and myself (playing the Federation forces.) Chip was a new player.

We went over the rules. I gave Chip the summary sheet off Board Game Geek, and summarized the games. Then we went over the rules, reading what I didn't go over.

A Queen's Gambit mid-game, going pretty much like the movie did at this point.

As usual, the game proved to be exciting. Chip particularly agonized over his decisions on which cards to play. Qui-gon was dispatched. Then Darth Maul, before Obi-wan was damaged (much.) But that battle proved a diversion. Chip slowly moved the palace guards to the top floor of the palace, then into the throne room. He then used a continual play of cards to move anakin. He was able to bypass a stack of starfighters (made up of half the deck) and reach the droid control ship for the victory. That teaches me to distribute the starship cards over the following starship spaces. (Won't slow him down in the number of rolls he makes, but will make me feel like I'm throwing up a bigger hindrance :-) The game took nearly two hours -- a quick game.

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Magic: the Gathering

Players were Shaun, Chip and myself.

Since Shaun is a fairly new Magic player, Chip gave him a tuned deck and Chip and I drafted a deck from pseudo-boosters he created (containing the same distribution of cards as real boosters.) We played so that creatures could only attack the player to the left. The decisive bad decision on Chip's part was to include white protection cards that didn't help him at all. He conceded the game before he would ultimately lose. The decisive bad decision on my part was to include cards that made opponents discard cards. They were too expensive to cast early in the game, and Shaun had no cards in his hand when I could cast it. In the end Shaun had amassed a large army of creatures that could easily wipe out his opponents while still retaining a defense.


Players were Shaun, Sara, Chip and myself.

We played nine hands of poker. It's all a friendly game. The decisive win was in Shaun who got into a bidding war with Chip and Sara during a game of midnight baseball. The baseball games seem to drain people's betting pools quickly, which makes it less fun overall because we don't get to play as many hands.

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