Board Game Session Report for December 21, 2002: Dvonn
December 22, 2002: Bohnanza


December 21, 2002

private session. 2-player Dvonn.


Players were Paul and myself. We played for the first time.

I read good things about this game on Board Game Geek and received it as an early Christmas gift. We spent about 11 minutes going over the rules. It's a simple abstract game in which each player plays a color (black or white.) After initially setting up three red pieces on the rectangular hex board. Players move their piece from the edge of the board to another piece adjacent to it. Pieces that cannot trace a path of pieces back to a red piece are removed from the game. The interesting thing is that an entire stack of pieces has to be moved a number of spaces equal to its height. The game ends when there are no more legal moves. At that point, players count the number of pieces in their stacks - highest number wins.

My best game of Dvonn.

We played three games. Each game lasted about 15 minutes. I beat Paul completely the first game. Then he got it and beat me twice. Better to just play quickly at first and start thinking about it later. He realized that the point is to keep threatening the red pieces and either capture or isolate stacks.

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December 22, 2002

private session. 3-player Bohnanza.


Players were Mike, Teresa and myself. They were new to the game.

It took a little while for them to get the hang of the game. Teresa got it before mike did. Once the By the third round, everyone got the idea of how to play the game and had fun with it. They said they told their babysitter about the game, and now they all want to get to play again. This game has been such an easy sell; I wonder if that's often true.

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