Board Game Session Report for December 31, 2002: Set, Dvonn, Bohnanza


Private session. 3-player Set, 2-player Dvonn, 3-player Bohnanza.


Players were Chip, Sara, myself. I was a new player to the game.

Set is a simple puzzle card game in which cards are laid out and players have to match sets of three cards. Cards have different properties: number of symbols, shape of symbols, color and fill pattern.

Sets are made by matching three cards in such a way that if two cards match a property, they all match that property. If they differ in that property, they all must differ in that property.

When a player finds a set, he takes the cards and draws new cards to take their place until the deck is depleted and no more sets can be made.

We played this game so that I could learn it and we could fill some time. It's a nice diversion as puzzle games go, in the same way Ricochet Robot is.

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Players were Chip, myself. Chip was a new player to the game.

This game is very engaging. Chip found the strategies interesting. I won two out of two games, but the second one by one.

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Players were Liz, Rebecca, myself. New players to the game were: Liz, Rebecca. I had the first turn.

It took a while for the group to get into the game, but it went quite naturally once it clicked with people. We were making fairly even trades, so no one was disappointed during the game.

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