Board Game Session Report for January 2, 2003: Magic: the Gathering, Quiddler


Private session. 4,2-player Magic: the Gathering, 2-player Quiddler.

Magic: the Gathering

Players were Sean, Chip, Sara, myself.

We played a four-player attack-left game. Everyone got creatures out, but I had my lone shadow creature. It was effective, but didn't provide any defense against Sara. I stopped attacking Sean, hoping he could wipe out Chip and Sara while I tried to get more creatures out to no avail. I even sacrificed my island, to keep Sara's islandwalkers from being effective, but that just kept me mana shorted.

In the end, I was crushed by Sara's forces. Chip conceded. Sean was crushed by Sara for the win.

Chip and I proceded to play a couple more games, and I lost both.


Players were Chip, myself. I was a new player to the game.

We spent a few minutes going over the rules.

In this game, we start a hand with three cards and try to make words out of them. Each card has a letter or two and some point value depending on how hard it would be to use the card for words. Draw a card. Use all but one card. Discard a card. Then the next player does the same and goes around. Then another hand is dealt with one aditional card, and so on until the hand of ten cards is played. Bonus for longest word, and most number of words. subtract points for cards not used.

This is a puzzle game, like any other, benefits people who have played before. I had a hard time coming up with words. I think I was even getting the worst combination of cards, but maybe I'm just making excuses. Chip had some brilliant words with his combinations. Chip won by a good number, but I didn't feel too bad about my score. Wish I wrote it down! :-)

Game lasted 33 minutes. Final scores were: (OK. I peeked at Chip's session report.)

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