Board Game Session Report for January 27, 2003: Dark Cults


Private session. 2-player Dark Cults.

I'm not one as to concern myself with the concept of time. Completely disregarding the scheduled SOG, I showed up at Chris' doorstep and demanded to play games. He promptly brought me up to his children's room and made me read a Dr. Seuss book to the kids. Dr. Seuss, of course, is famous for making up words and putting them into hard to enunciate sentences. The experience left me rattled.

Seeing my weakness, Chris siezed the chance to introduce a story-telling card game.

Dark Cults

Players were Chris, myself. I was a new player to the game. Chris had the first turn.

We spent 14 minutes going over the rules.

Dark Cults is a story-telling card game for two players. A card says what it is, and what cards could be played next. A turn consists of drawing a card then playing a card, telling the story to get to that point shown on the card. Start with the start card, then play character, location, danger, threat and pace cards. If a card indicates that a pace card is one of the cards possible for the next card, then the next player must play a pace card without drawing, or another allowed card before drawing. When a player can't play a card and he has six cards in his hand, he must discard cards and lose points. Scoring is asymmetrical. One player plays good, and gets points for keeping the character alive. The other player plays evil, and gets points for putting the character in danger, or by killing him and ending the round.

This was a fun game. Chris came up with funny/spooky situations and told the story in his most ominous voice. We went through standard horror cliches and ended up with a few good twists, like the character of the second round ending up possessing the character of the first round.

We played two rounds, and the second round was the longest he's ever seen, at 35 cards.

Game lasted 86 minutes. Final scores were:

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