Board Game Session Report for February 13, 2003: Jump, Formula De


Danger Planet session. 3-player Jump, 7-player Formula De.


Players were Jeff, Karl, myself. Jeff was a new player to the game. Karl had the first turn.

This is a sky-diving themed game. There are two planes loaded with parachutists. The plane flies across a landscape that ends with a beach and water. The object is to jump as close to the water without going into the water. As a tricky jump, there's an island in the water, and a lake on land.

Each player has a hand of seven cards. Cards consist of jump, prevent jumps, push a jumper's landing spot, move a plane one space forward, (also move two, three, or for forward, as well as cards to move the plane backwards those number of spaces), and switch seats with another jumper.

Players always retain a jump card. Otherwise, a card is discarded when played and a new card is drawn to replace it. Players jump and land on the ground exactly where they jumped.

Players score by having jumpers land closest to the water ahead of other players. Highest score wins.

What can I say? We moved the planes, we jumped sometimes.

I really don't understand why there's any thought involved in playing this game.

Final scores were:

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Formula De

Players were Cindy, Eric, Jeff, Kai, Chandre, Karl, myself. New players to the game were: Cindy, Jeff, Kai, Chandre. I had the first turn.

We spent 23 minutes going over the rules.

Kai and Chandre wandered in to the store looking for a good game to try, so we roped then into this game. Thank goodness for games that can handle more than four players!

Karl bought tracks 2 & 3 so that we could combine the two boards for Zandvoort to make one big track. We played a basic game one lap with the two lap score sheets.

It seems I shot to the lead and kept it for most of the game with Karl hot on my tail.

Eric and Jeff were competing for 6th and 7th place.

In the end, my engine blew out with one roll left to cross the finish line. At that time, Cindy and Karl were in 6th gear coming out of the final turn to my fifth gear, so they would've passed me anyways.

Eric and Jeff resigned from the game being so far behind and the winner declared.

Overall, this was an engaging game, though people took a while to figure out their moves.

Game lasted 123 minutes. Final scores were:

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