Board Game Session Report for March 9, 2003: Cave Troll


private session. 3-player Cave Troll.

Cave Troll

Players were Teresa, Mike, myself. New players to the game were: Teresa, Mike. Teresa had the first turn.

We spent 11 minutes going over the rules and setting up the game.

Teresa started off the game with a scoring round. Bad timing there!

Mike started off with a treasure chest and a cave troll. Bad timing there.

Mike and I were competing for a valuable room when Teresa brought out her cave troll and sent us scattering and dying.

I was able to score a nice room for nine points with my artifact. Teresa was able to secure a room for each scoring round with her artifact.

In the end, I sent an orc to munch on Teresa's elf to keep her from scoring high.

Game lasted 34 minutes. Final scores were:

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