Board Game Session Report for March 23, 2004: Lord of the Rings


Private session. 2-player Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the Rings

Players were Nancy, myself. Nancy had the first turn.

We spent 30 minutes going over the rules and setting up the game.

Game Overview

Lord of the Rings is a cooperative game with a Lord of the Rings theme.

Players work together to move though different boards representing different parts of Frodo's journey in Middle Earth while facing adversary.

Adversary is in the form of a light/dark path along which the hobbits sink into darkness, and Sauron advances toward the hobbits.

Players collect cards and tokens along the way which help speed up the journey and hold off the impending darkness.

Players win if they reach mount doom and destroy the ring. Players lose if adversary catches up to them.

Session Overview

We played with the Friends and Foes expansion which adds some friendly cards, and two additional game boards. It also added foes which must additionally be dealt with.

Nancy played Sam and I played Frodo. We sped through Bree with barely a scratch.

As we went through the scenerios, we started losing many resources. We spent a lot to skip Helm's Deep. But we were very close to Sauron when we started Shelob's Lair.

We tried to move quickly through, but Sam (being the ring-bearer) put on the Ring to get past a couple of die rolls, but end up being captured by Sauron instead (rolling the one thing that would have gotten us to lose at that point.

Overall, it was a tense game, and enjoyably put us in that Lord of the Rings drama.

Game lasted 120 minutes. Final scores were:

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