Board Game Session Report for April 19, 2004: Foppen, Power Grid


Josh's SOG session. 6-player Foppen, 5-player Power Grid.


Players were Josh, Marianne, Chip, Mike, Lewis, myself.

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What can I say? I don't enjoy trick taking games in general. But a game like this is to be expected at SOG.

Some of my scores recorded are off from .chip's recorded scores, so I'll list his in parens.

Final scores were:

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Power Grid

Players were Mike, Lewis, Chris, Jeff, myself. New players to the game were: Lewis, Chris, Jeff, myself. I had the first turn.

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This was an intense but satisfying game.

Of note: Mike was cramped in the northeast, because it was expensive to expand out with everyone else in the way.

I was blockaded early on because I didn't try to grow my city connections fast enough, and ended up playing catch up into more expensive networks.

In the end, Mike was able to add plenty of cities and power his expansive array of power plants.

Comments included the fact that it was a fine balancing act between expenditures and income.

I would enjoy playing this again.

Image: Power Grid
Caption: A satisfied Mike poses with Power Grid, and Lewis and Chris.

Game lasted 165 minutes.

Final scores were:

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