Board Game Session Report for May 27, 2004: Blokus, Formula De


Danger Planet session. 4-player Blokus, 6-player Formula De.


Players were Cindy, John, Karl, myself. John was a new player to the game. John had the first turn.

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People tried to screw other players in this game -- even John who was new to the game, though he's seen it played before. The thing is, with this game, a move that blocks another player (by cutting off a corner or two) also blocks corners of your own! We saw a lot of screwage of that sort this game.

In the end, Cindy was able to keep people out of territory she carved out for herself for the win.

Final scores were:

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Formula De

Players were Cindy, Susan, John, Alister, Karl, myself. New players to the game were: Susan, John, Alister. Susan had the first turn.

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We played the Monoco track for one lap.

John started off with a collision on his second turn. In the end, he had at least one of every stat marked off for damage, though he gave a good chase.

Susan and Cindy had only one stat marked off in the end.

Cindy, as usual, played a conservative game, and ended up being last place for it -- it didn't help that she started off in last place.

There were a few times that everyone (less Cindy) clustered into the same curve. Those were exciting moments because people had to weave or brake or make it just behind other cars.

After the last curve, I kicked into sixth gear and rolled a thirty! Because I was in the lead, players were hoping I'd get engine damage, which would've taken me out of the game. But, I got lucky and cruised across the finish line.

People decided that it would be easy enough to finish in the remaining order, and ended the game there.

Image: Formula De
Caption: Nearly everyone clustered in a curve.

Final scores were:

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