Board Game Session Report for March 1, 2006: Pirate's Cove, Liar's Dice


Rusty Scabbard session. 4-player Pirate's Cove, 4,5-player Liar's Dice.

Pirate's Cove

Players were Tom, Shaun, Andy, myself. New players to the game were: Tom, Shaun, Andy.

We spent 15 minutes going over the rules and setting up the game.

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This game reminds me of Mall of Horror which is an equally fun game. In both games, players select a destination with a dial on a wheel and reveal the destinations simultaneously. Then mayhem ensues. But that's the only similarity.

During this game, Shaun did an impressive job collecting treasure chests and converting them to fame points.

I ended up fighting Andy or the pirate ship a lot (and occasionally to islands to collect additional fame points and gold) just to collect tavern cards, which were giving me a lot of fame points unbeknown to the other players.

I explained the mechanics of the game and left the cards as a surprise, because this game is meant to be theme-heavy and strategy-light.

I ended up winning the game just ahead of Shaun. I wondered if I missed a rule about collecting tavern cards after being defeated, but, no, there's no penalty to losing battles.

Game lasted 45 minutes.

Final scores were:

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Liar's Dice

Players were Chris, Tom, Shaun, Andy, myself.

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Chris vehemently shot down my suggestion for the next game of Goldland. He didn't even intend to play the game because he would be leaving soon, but last session's Age of Steam hurt his brain so much that he figures anything I suggest would be bad. Hmmm... Someone named Chris who categorically dismisses any of my suggestions -- hearkens to another Chris I know in Massachusetts.

Liar's Dice is a game everyone could agree on. People are just addicted to it. We had a few close games where we saw bluffing power at work.

Chris had to bow out after one game, but not after getting me to admit that he's won more of this game than anyone else.

Final scores were:

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