Board Game Session Report for March 12, 2006: Liar's Dice, Formula De, Wallenstein


Rusty Scabbard session. 6-player Liar's Dice, 8-player Formula De, 5-player Wallenstein.

Liar's Dice

Players were Shaun, Tom, Josh, Chris, Andy, myself.

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The interesting thing that happened was that the bidding got high and Josh changed the bid and lost it when he was challenged.

Final scores were:

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Formula De

Players were Shaun, Tom, Dave, Shawn, Josh, Andy, Chris, myself.

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We played track #18 Barcelona, two laps, with the basic rules, plus slip-streaming and crashed cars leave obstacle until everyone gets past it.

Chris took the first turn at fifth gear and had to burn a lot of tires and brakes to recover. This put him at a huge disadvantage the rest of the game, when he ended up rolling just one less then what he needed for, at one point, three consecutive curves.

Shaun blew by near the beginning and maintained a lead for the rest of the game.

I didn't make a pit stop and halfway during the second lap, I could no longer make any mistakes without losing, so I played conservatively. It seemed like I was in a middle position anyways.

Chris spun out before the end of the first lap. He was last place since the halfway point of the first lap.

Final scores were:

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Players were Tom, Dave, Karl, Shaun, myself. New players to the game were: Tom, Dave, Karl, Shaun.

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Dave had owned this game for a while and hasn't tried it out. I've been itching to try this out again on the table top, though I've gotten a few plays in a

I'm not sure how it happened... perhaps Tom played the game overly aggressively, but at the end of year2, season 1, Tom had two countries.

Otherwise, everyone played the game reasonably well. Perhaps they took advantage of Tom's misfortune to eat away at my lead... I wasn't adjacent to him by that point to get the pickings.

Dave and I were battling for control of the southwest, trying to knock down the ties in buildings.

In the end, Karl and Dave tied for first place, with the number of churches breaking the tie for Karl's win.

Final scores were:

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