Board Game Session Report July 19, 2006


Wednesday is another board gaming day at Rusty Scabbard starting at 6PM

Aqua Romana

ShawnG and I were the first to arrive, so I encouraged ShawnG to try Aqua Romana.

He wasn't so much into the game, saying he preferred Tsuro. He closed off aqueducts much sooner than I would've, allowing me to extend my longest aqueducts further than he his. I ended up having a few turns at the end without his participation. But, he completely lost interest at that point.

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Arkham Horror

Mike and I were anticipating a game of Arkham Horror. (I think Andy decided to bow out of showing up as he usually does because he abhors monster games -- in the sense of long games with lots of rules.)

It was ShawnG, Mike, MattB and myself. MattB never played the game before. I explained the rules with a handy flowchart that I downloaded from That, plus a few other downloaded aids made the game easier to keep track of, that the usual flipping between pages to cross-reference rules in the published rulebook.

The game itself is a role-playing board game set in in the Chthulu universe. The object of the game is to close all the gates, or to seal enough gates, or to defeat the horror that comes out.

ShawnG was frustrated with the downtime, and tended to take his turn out of sequence. This frustrated me, but now that I think of it, it is a rather solitaire endeavor to take turns. The only in-game interaction comes from exchanging items. The only meta-game interaction is planning strategy.

We ended up closing four gates in the two and a half hours we had to play the game. There were two gates left open. Considering that this was a four-player game, we were very close to winning, given, perhaps, another hour of play.

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