Board Game Session Report for December 24, 2006: Battle Lore, Shogun


Rusty Scabbard session. 2-player Battle Lore, 3-player Shogun.

Battle Lore

Players were Mike, myself. Mike was a new player to the game. Mike had the first turn.

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We played the Wizards and Lore scenario so that Mike could get used to the lore rules, having played Commands and Colors: Ancients before. Mike played the English, and I played the French.

Early on, Mike played a devastating combination of Darken the Sky and Magic Missiles. It certainly made me regret having played Dispel Magic earlier for an relatively inconsequential spell.

I drew many scouts in the section I would've liked to attack. I had Cavalry Charge and Red Banners card, which wasn't to handy early on. Mike wiped out my cavalry before I could position them to take advantage of the card. And my only heavy infantry was better off taking orders from a different command card.

In the end, Mike was able to keep hammering my increasingly weakened infantry for the win.

Image: Battle Lore
Caption: Mike's victory at Battle Lore

Game lasted 66 minutes.

Final scores were:

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Players were Mike, Andy, myself. New players to the game were: Mike, Andy, myself.

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This was a learning game. There wasn't enough time remaining to play a full game.

We played a balanced start, and it was predictable that the heavily militarized center would keep getting reinforcements, while expansion was done at the edges. I think this would've led to a more boring game, given that the gamers were well versed in gaming.

Even so, there's a lot to keep track of for a new player for this game, so a quick set up helps ease into the game. The next game, we'll definitely go for a random set up.

Image: Shogun
Caption: Time to clean up the aborted game.

Final scores were:

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