Easy Roller metal dice review


I received Easy Roller's "Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice Series: Pink Numbering - 7 Piece Set" for review.

I just had a chance to try them out because I started to GM a Pathfinder RPG campaign.

My players were concerned (whining) about fair dice, so I tested d20 dice as suggested in this article: DELTA'S D&D HOTSPOT: Testing a Balanced Die

I tested two Chessex d20 dice, the d20 die from the Pathfinder Beginner Box, a Gamescience d20 die, and the Easy Roller metal d20 die. Here are my results:

Given that any score below 150 indicates fair dice for this lightweight test, Easy Roller dice perform just fine.

Being metal dice with a substantial weight, I'm afraid of the dents it would leave on my wooden table, so I use a dice tower with a tray when I roll them.

Image: Easy Roller dice in tray and carrying case
Caption: Easy Roller metal dice in dice tray and carrying case.

The dice look nice and are fairly easy to read, with a rare bit of smudging on some numbers (where the paint flows too closely to lines that should not touch, so 9, 8, 6, and 5 look similar at a quick glance on the d20) which makes the smudged numbers harder to read. Only the d20 has this problem, the numbers seem readable on the other dice. They are the same size as my other dice. The set of dice comes in a faux leather carrying box with a foam insert with holes cut to fit the dice snugly and fancifully. I like to use this to put the dice away to treat them with additional reverence.

So, now I use the Easy Roller metal dice exclusively as the GM, which gives the dice a sense of importance and vice versa. ☺

Given that they are only slightly more expensive than Gamescience dice, for apparently the same fairness, I would consider buying Easy Roller metal dice for GM use.

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