Bausack Bandu Rules (Direct Play Variant)



These are rules for use with a Bandu or Bausack set of pieces. These rules, which are a variant of the Bandu rules, are more to the point. You get to play the pieces you want, and you get to make the game hard for the person you want.


Players build towers from pieces of dissimilarly shaped wood. Towers eventually become unstable and, when one more piece is added, collapse. The player with the remaining tower, after all others have collapsed, wins.


  1. Place pieces at the center of table.
  2. Players roll dice to determine order, reroll to break ties.
  3. Each player starts with:
    1. Foundation piece. Players, in dice order, select a piece from center of table to serve as the foundation. A player's foundation piece is placed in front of the player, far enough away from other players' foundation piece to keep from disrupting their towers.
    2. Five beans.
  4. Play begins with highest roll.

Game Play

  1. Player selects piece from center of table.
  2. Player does one of two things with the piece:
  3. Game play continues to the player to the left of player who selected piece from center of table.

When a piece is given to a player, that player immediately must do one of two things:

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