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Calvin And Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip ever made--for the mischievous and young at heart. This site reprints a strip each day.

Chris Freemesser's home page

Chris is a friend from college.  I enjoy his cynicism and sarcasm.  Check it out!

The Ottoman Empire (Whitney's Hole in the Wall)

Whitney is Chris' wife.  I never thought there would be a woman who could match Chris' sense of humor, but here she is...a babe with wit.

Anarchy Software home page

This is a friends', John Whitehurst and Tim Whitehurst, game company.  Check out Too Many Geckos--it's a puzzle game where you have to match up 3D pyramidical puzzle pieces.  Also check out Valhalla--a networked jump-n-kick game.  Additionally, he has a cool small dungeon exploration web game.  I really like his background--a seamless scene of carnage.

They've also released a new sim, Moon Tycoon, with a sequel to follow!

Jim Cheseborough's Web Page

Jim is a hacker friend who's really into the Net.

Robert's Homepage

Robert Goodwin is a friend from the days we were Atari enthusiasts.

Atari Age

Albert Yarusso is my computer gaming friend from college. He worked on the original Ion Storm's Deus Ex and its sequel, a conspiracy game based on the Unreal 3-D rendering engine. You'll find stuff about the ol' Atari and other cool things!

ben taylor / mithras macguges

I met Ben on my BBS. We played role-playing games together, and shared many interesting discussions, of which his web page only hints.

Karl von Laudermann's Home Page

Karl is my gaming buddy. As he puts it, "I'm just some Shmoe who decided it's about time I got my own web page."

Who is Cynthia Shettle Anyway?

Cindy is my gaming buddy. She's a big Highlander fan as her web page shows. She's also a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

Daily Routine

Here is a list of links that I try to look at on a daily basis.

Calvin And Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson is the best comic strip ever made--for the mischievous and young at heart. This site reprints a strip each day. Yep...I like it enough to mention it twice.

Sherman's Lagoon

Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Toomey is a funny strip about the underwater inhabitants of a cartoon lagoon. It features a dimwitted great white shark named Sherman and his sea turtle sidekick named Fillmore.

Google Top Stories

What could be better than a news source that scours the Net and decides for you what the most talked about stories are? This is the way news on the Net should be presented.

Steve Jackson Games

I like role-playing games because it keeps my mind stimulated. This site, under "Today's News," has all kinds of interesting tidbits to think about. I'm especially excited with the upcoming re-issue of Illuminati: Deluxe Edition. Also, In Nomine is a fascinating concept--the battle between angels and demons.

For Better of For Worse

For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston is a thoughtful comic strip--a humorous look at "normal" day to day family life.

Voodoo Extreme

Now that I have a Voodoo 3d card for my computer, I'm very excited with the development of 3d games. They look simply beautiful, and add to the immersion of games making me feel like I'm a part of a completely new environment.

Planet Unreal

Unreal is the first game that, taking advantage of my 3d graphics card, gives me the feeling that I'm exploring a new and wondrous (if dark and lethal) place. Also, check out this article:

Rose is Rose

Rose is Rose is a look at life constantly through rose colored glasses. It's very endearing to look at things through innocent eyes.

Strategy Page

Strategy Page is an intelligent, informed web site about recent military matters. You'll find articles by the renown James Dunnigan and Stephen V. Cole.

Bob the Angry Flower

Bob the Angry Flower is a funny strip dealing with things we think about but wouldn't say aloud, if we think of them in the first place.

DubyaSpeak, as they say, "records the damage" -- the stoopid things President George W. Bush says that show us his grasp on leadership.

Good Stuff

Here is a list of links that are worth a look.

The Onion

The Onion is a newspaper that brings you the most ridiculous news. Very funny stuff.

The Art of Donna Green

Donna Green paints beautiful pictures for books and print. They are light and heartwarming.

Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz is an Amiga artist who creates many amusing pictures and animations.


Infocom once created text adventure games, and fans of the genre continue the tradition by porting the game engine to new computers and creating new games. These games are better called "interactive fiction" and is like being in a book where you make the decisions for the main character.

Baldur's Gate Chronicles

Baldur's Gate is another favorite game of mine! It's an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game that's faithful to the rules and allows multi-player over the Internet.

Plant Half-Life

Half-Life is a an exciting cinematic 3D action game. It's another one of my favorites.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex is a game that I'm anticipating will be great fun! Renown designer Warren Spector, and my friend Albert Yarusso are working on it. It's a first person computer role-playing game set in the future ripe with conspiracies. Also, check out the following links (mostly gleaned from Voodoo Extreme and Planet Unreal).


Dilbert by Scott Adams is a look at white-collar, cubicle jobs--a cynical and sarcastic look at what passes for civilized jobs. Even though this is a daily strip, the jokes get to be familiar after a while.


I'm really into DVD's right now. Just like Audio CD's containing digital music, DVD's are discs with digital movies on them. It's the best way to watch movies at home short of HDTV. I have a great system consisting of a Panasonic CT-34WX50 34" widescreen progressive scan TV, and a Panasonic H1000 progressive scan DVD player so I can watch DVD's in the best possible resolution. Here are a few links that are worth looking at if you're into DVD.

Angst Technology

Angst Technology follows a colorful group of employees at a computer game company. Funny stuff!

Ruthless Reviews

If you finish reading through Whitney's cutting reviews, check this site out. Here's a collection of ruthless reviews.

Charters of Freedom

This is a link to the Charters of Freedom at the U. S. A. National Archives. This includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Modern Ruins: Photographic Essays by Shaun O'Boyle

I'm fascinated by old things and ruins. Once, something was very important to invest in creating it. Then, it becomes unimportant and abandoned. Here's a cool link containing photographs of ruins.


Infiltration: A zine about going places you're not supposed to go.

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