Men Behaving Badly Series 3

Men Behaving Badly series 3


Series 3: Episode 1: Lovers

 Quotation (MP3)
Tony: Have you ever tried role-playing in bed?
Gary: Yea.  I once asked Dorothy to dress up and pretend to be a nurse.
Tony: She is a nurse.
Gary: Yea.  Didn't work.  Then she asked me to dress up as a farmer and rescue her.
Tony: Are you sure she didn't say "fireman?"
Gary: Yea.  She did as a matter of fact.  A bit embarassing.

Series 3: Episode 2: Bed

 Episode 2 Quotation (MP3)
Gary: We're a sexy couple at the peak of our sexiness.  Every night, we should be toasting our exciting young bodies in our own juices.
Dorothy: Well, I'm afraid if you want to do any toasting, you're going to have to do it on your own in the bathroom.

Series 3: Episode 3: Casualties

  Episode 3 Quotation (MP3)
Gary: You know the difference between men and women?
Tony: "Wo."
Gary: Eh?
Tony: Well, you've got "men" and you've got "women."

Series 3: Episode 4: Weekend

 Episode 4 Quotation (MP3)
Les: So, what are the three golden rules of barcraft that you learned yesterday?
Tony: Anyone under 18 must produce a false ID.  A lady should be addressed as "madam," blokes as "mate."  And don't clean the glasses with spit.
Les: Unless...
Tony: Unless you really have to.

Series 3: Episode 5: Cleaning Lady

Episode 5 Quotation (MP3)
Tony: Do you know? At the end of a difficult day, there's nothing like a serious, free-ranging conversation, is there?
Gary: Did you drop one?
Tony: Yea.

Series 3: Episode 6: Marriage

Episode 6 Quotation (MP3)
Gary: Why have you never been married, Anthea?
Anthea: Well, I was asked once, but...
George: Don't talk about it if you don't want to.
Anthea: No, No, I'm fine.
Gary: What happened then?
Anthea: Well, I said yes, but then he started being beastly, and I realized it wasn't going to work out.
Gary: What did he do?
Anthea: Well, he kept pulling my hair.
George: Pulling your hair?
Anthea: Yes.  It was all over by the time we went to big school.

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