Men Behaving Badly Series 5

Men Behaving Badly series 5


Series 5: Episode 1: Hair

Episode 1 Quotation (MP3)
Dorothy: Gary, you could be quite, um, what's the word?
Gary: Enormous.

Series 5: Episode 2: The Good Pub Guide

 Episode 2 Quotation (MP3)
Dorothy: Why do you have to do that in bed, Gary?
Gary: It's what blokes do.
Dorothy: Why do you think women don't do it?
Gary: Lack of confidence.

Series 5: Episode 3: Cowardice

  Episode 3 Quotation (MP3)
Tony: Have you noticed, on telly, you never see people just sitting there hour after hour like us just watching telly.

Series 5: Episode 4: Your Mate V Your Bird

 Episode 4 Quotation (MP3)
Gary: Oh, I'm sweating like a horse.
Dorothy: Unfortunately, that's where the similarity ends.

Series 5: Episode 5: Cardigan

Episode 5 Quotation (MP3)
Dorothy: What'cha want to do?
Gary: I don't know...something mad, something crazy, something I've never done before.
Dorothy: Sit in the corner quietly reading a book, looking up every now and again making an intelligent comment?

Series 5: Episode 6: Rich and Fat

Episode 6 Quotation (MP3)
Gary: Because, when all is said and done, what does money get you actually...actually?
Tony: A good time, personal dignity, mobility, and not so shallow but attractive young chicks.

Series 5: Episode 7: Home Made Sauna

Episode 7 Quotation (MP3)
Dorothy: You really are an incredibly joyless character, aren't you?
Gary: No, not me.  I'm built for fun.
Dorothy: Really?  All my friends think you're built for pointing at and slapping.

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