Men Behaving Badly Series 6

Men Behaving Badly series 6


Series 6: Episode 1: Stag Night

Episode 1 Quotation (MP3)
Deborah: I hear you took that job Dorothy told you about.
Tony: Yea.  After what you said about expanding my mind.
Deborah: That's good because I think you've got potential.
Tony: Yea.  And you see, the mind is like a loaf of bread--it needs the yeast of experience in order to rise...
Gary: Excuse me.  Can we not be sensitive on my stag night, please.
Tony: Sorry, mate.

Series 6: Episode 2: Wedding

 Episode 2 Quotation (MP3)
Tony: Well, here's your wedding present.  I got one for Gary as well in case you split up.

Series 6: Episode 3: Jealousy

  Episode 3 Quotation (MP3)
Tony: It's weird, isn't it?  Before sex-before-marriage, you got married and you didn't even know what your girlfriend's bottom looked like.  You spend your whole wedding day thinking, "Well, what's her bottom going to be like?  What's it going to be like?  Oh, I hope it's a nice one.  Be nice.  Be nice.  Be nice!"

Series 6: Episode 4: Watching TV

 Episode 4 Quotation (MP3)
Tony:  "Space, the final frontier."  Makes you think, eh?  Wouldn't it be wierd if it wasn't the final frontier?  If there was space and space and space and space, space, space, space, space, space, then suddenly milk.  Milk going on forever and ever.  Then it would be, "Milk, the final frontier."

Series 6: Episode 5: Ten

Episode 5 Quotation (MP3)
Dorothy: What's gone wrong, Gary?
Gary:  Is anything wrong?  (Shocking hat.)
Dorothy:  Don't you think we should talk about it?
Gary:  Yea, alright, love, you start.  I'll join in when I understand what you're banging on about.

Series 6: Episode 6: Sofa

Episode 6 Quotation (MP3)
Gary: But the thing I'll really miss is when you're older you can't be stupid, can you?
Tony:  Oh, I think you can, mate.
Gary:  Ah, good.

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