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I first saw Tori Amos in concert at the Eastman Theater in Rochester, NY, sometime in 1996-1997. Many things struck me as interesting about the concert. The Eastman Theater is a small, cozy theater, giving the audience an almost intimate access to her. The typical audience member was a teen girl, which made me think there was more to her than a pretty voice and rebellious lyrics. Tori Amos didn't have a back up band, which I thought was audacious for a pop star.

However, Tori Amos is truly talented. She held her own with just her voice and her piano skills, and I realized that she wasn't a pop star, but a talented music writer, composer, pianist and singer. And, in a way, she seemed to make love to the piano, which was oh so sexy.

So I bought the DVD, Tori Amos: Live in Sunny Florida, which is from her Scarlett's Walk Tour.

The DVD starts off with a nifty logo for Epic Music Videos. Then we get a short title of words fading in and out finally forming the words "Welcome to Sunny Florida" against a backdrop of a tropical rainstorm. Then we get the simple menu against the same backdrop: Play Concert, Song Select, Audio Select, and Bonus Material.

DVD Menu

The concert is presented in 4:3 letterboxed video. The picture is crisp and clear. The concert has short interview answers interspersed, which helps put the concert in context of who attends and what it means to Tori. The camerawork tends to long lingering shots on Tori Amos.

Tori Amos: Cloud on my Tongue

As a treat, Take to the Sky, Leather, Cloud on my Tongue and Cooling were performed without her back up band.

Song Select lets you choose from: Welcome to Sunny Florida, A Sorta Fairytale, Sugar, Crucify, Interlude #1, Cornflake Girl, Bells for Her, Concertina, Interlude #2, Take to the Sky, Leather, Cloud on my Tongue, Cooling, Interlude #3, Your Cloud, Father Lucifer, Professional Widow, I Can't See New York, Precious Things, Encore: Tombigbee, Amber Waves, Hey Jupiter, Credits & Vignettes.

Audio Select lets you choose from Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, and Stereo.

Bonus Material lets you select from Full Length Interviews, Tour Yearbook Featuring Past the Mission, Additional Credits.

Tori Amos

Overall, this is a pleasing DVD for any fan of Tori Amos.

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