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December 1995


New Year's Camping trip

A group of friends went to Allegheny State Park in south-western New York state. It's a beautiful park, with rolling hills, trees, and a large lake. We rented two cabins. The group consisted of myself, Adam, Carole, Chris & Lisa, Greg, Gregg, Jackie, James, Joe, Kerstin, Kevin, Leigh, Pete & Sonja, and Stephanie. Because of the mild winter, the weather was nice during the day, and raining in the evening. We hiked, played games, sang, danced, and spent time in silence together to reflect on world peace and what's important to us. It actually snowed the last day, so we even got some sledding in! I couldn't imagine a better group of people to spend time with.

Bethlehem trip

I'm fascinated by old things, and I was excited to discover that my cousin, Gracie, lives next to the old Bethlehem Steel factory, and that there's a bicycle trail next to it. So, I took my bicycle there and travelled on the trail, through woods, along rail roads, and past the factory (parts of which are still busy making steel from ore), and beyond to the hilly countryside. It's very beautiful, and I was struck by the contrast of the crowded city, and the sparse countryside being so close to each other.

This trip also gave me a chance to visit my friend, John, in New Jersey, who has his own video game company. He gave me a demonstration of Too Many Gekos which is a puzzle game in which you match up geko shapes on pyramids. He's also working on a networked martial arts game, and a dungeon exploration game on the World Wide Web.

Summer Trip to Allegheny State Park

Many of us went back to Allegheny State Park in the summer. The group consisted of myself, Carole, Greg, Gregg & David, Mark & Michelle, Sarah & Jose, Sonja & two of her husband's nieces, and Stephanie. This time, we slept in tents. This was a first for me, and I was very nervous about whether I could handle it. (Everyone laughed at me wearing pajamas at night; it's a quaint thing to do on a camping trip. :-) But Carole and Stephanie knew what they were doing and helped the less experienced of us. I wanted to ride my bicycle this time and brought one with me. It was fun to ride past all the beautiful woods, and tiring to go up the hills.

Cedar Point Park

A group of friends went to Cedar Point Park in Ohio. This is a large amusement park with ten roller coasters (including one among the tallest, among the longest, of both the wooden and steel varieties.) The group consisted of myself, Carole, Shawn & Doug. I enjoyed it, because I love amusement parks and try to share the fun every chance I get. We rode every roller coaster the weekend we went. We went on the water slides as well. One was a small round raft that held all of us, and went down the water slide twisting and turning. It stands out for me because at one point Doug, who was sitting across from me, had a surprised look on his face, and behind him I saw water splashing and open air. Doug later told me that he was surprised because he could see the bottom of the water slide where we should've been! Very thrilling.

Niagra Falls

A group of friends went to Niagra Falls for an overnight trip. The group was myself, Carole, Aaron, Bill, Pat & Stephanie, Gregg, James, Greg and Frank. I couldn't ask for a more positive and upbeat group of people with whom to spend time at such a beautiful, yet familiar place. We observed the Falls from the Canadian and American sides, and stopped at a wax museum featuring criminals (including a recent Rochestarian murderer.)

Austin trip

I promised my friend, Heather, that I'd visit her and her husband, Mark, when her child was born. Her son, Ryan, was born in May, and I visited in July. I also got to visit my friends Sarah and Keith. Sarah takes care of children during the day. She loves to be with children and takes care of them well. Ryan is a cute baby, and was fascinated with the color green. He would cry, and when I held him while I wore my green T-shirt, he would stop and stare in fascination. We went to Six Flags Astro World, where they had some thrilling roller coasters to ride, Schlitterbahn, where there were many water rides, and I got to play some games with Heather's gaming group. It was a memorable and fun trip.

Irene Visits From Lithuania

My cousin, Irene, from Lithuania visited my family. I was pleased to see her, but didn't get to spend much time with her because of my busy schedule, and because she didn't think we'd have fun together because of our age difference.

Alina and Tadeusz Visit From Poland

My cousin, Alina, and her husband visited my family. I didn't get to spend much time with them, because of my busy schedule. However, we did go to Canada's Wonderland together with my mother. We tried to ride all the roller coasters. It was a thrill for them because they don't have amusement parks like ours in Poland.

Poughkeepsie Trip

Carole and I visited my friends, Paul and Jennifer, in Poughkeepsie. Carole and Jennifer went off to do whatever it is women do together, while Paul and I engaged in manly competition of video games, war games, and (I introduced him to it) Magic: the Gathering. He now plays the card game with Jennifer and his young relatives who think they're better at it than Paul.

Canada's Wonderland

A group of friends and I returned to Canada's Wonderland. It'd been many years since the last time I went to an amusement park, so I wanted to spend this year going as many times as I could. The group consisted of myself, Carole, and Mark & Michelle. This time we caught some attractions Carole and I missed previously. We saw a sea lion show, and we went to the Days of Thunder attraction. I'm surprised I missed the Days of Thunder attraction last time because it was so much fun! We sat in a theatre with pairs of seats that had seat belts and handles. They displayed a driver's view an exciting car race on the screen, and our seats shook with the rumble of the engines, tilted back with the acceleration, and leaned with the turns.


I made some major changes in my life recently. I had moved back with my parents at the beginning of the year, but because of incidents at my parent's house, I've moved in with a friend of mine who's renting a room to me in his house. I now have comfort and space of my own. As always, you can reach me through my parents.

I also have a new job at Questra Consulting. This job will let me use my real skills and will have the diversity I'm looking for. They also helped me buy a new lap-top computer, so I'm excited to play with the new toy! I'm also going to start saving for my retirement. This will take a chunk of money from me now, and I won't have as much to spend on all the fun things as before.

I expect to delay buying my own house, and working on the Lithuania/Poland video and the narrative video until next year.

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