Graceful Boot: Stories


These are some stories I wrote about my trips for your enjoyment.  I wrote them to evoke a sense of actually being there and experiencing what I saw and felt.

  1. A newsletter I sent to my friends about 1994.
  2. A newsletter I sent to my friends about 1995.
  3. A story I wrote about a walk I took in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
  4. A few adventures I took in October 1996.
  5. A newsletter I sent to my friends about 1996.
  6. My Ohio trip in 1999.
  7. Castle Tour in 1999.
  8. Sarasota trip in June, 2002, with photos.
  9. Mt. Washington trip in June, 2002, with photos.

Here are reviews and fan pages.

  1. Joel A. Barker and Scott W. Erickson's Five Regions of the Future: Preparing Your Business for Tomorrow's Technology Revolution Book Review
  2. Paul Graham's Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age Book Critique
  3. 24: Season Two DVD Review
  4. Disclosure DVD Review
  5. Peter Gabriel: Growing Up Live DVD Review
  6. Tori Amos: Welcome to Sunny Florida DVD Review
  7. 24: Season One DVD Review
  8. Roger Waters: In the Flesh Live DVD Review
  9. Ali G DVD review
  10. Men Behaving Badly (British Comedy) fan page
  11. The Muppet Movie DVD review
  12. The Best of The Muppet Show DVD review
  13. Board Game Journal
  14. Stoopid Traffic Signs in Massachusetts

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