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December 1996


New Year's Camping trip

A group of friends went to Welsley Island State Park at the Thousand Islands, New York state. This was the second time we've gone here for our New Year's camping trip. It's a beautiful park, with rolling hills, trees, and the St. Lawrence River, dotted with many islands. We rented two cabins. The group consisted of myself, Adam, Carole, Greg, Gregg, James, Sonja & Pete, and Stephanie. We hiked, played games, sang, danced, went sledding, and spent time in silence together to reflect on world peace and what's important to us. I couldn't imagine a better group of people to spend time with.

Seattle Trip

I visited my friend, Steve, in Seattle for a week. I had a great time there. He loves computer games like I do, so we spent a lot of time playing Duke Nukem, Doom and Quake (which had just been released.) I met his primary love--his horse, Misty.

[Ooops.  Steve's horse's name is Symbol. Misty is his dog.  :-)]

We also spent time touring Seattle. We visited the Seattle Arts Museum, and Snoqualmie Falls. Outside Snoqualmie Falls, we found a train graveyard. Steve and I are both fascinated by old things, so we spent time exploring the old trains.

I got to meet Steve's friend, Alannah. She's a very passionate and outgoing person. She beautifully sang Irish ballads for us.

Letchworth Park

I went to Letchworth State Park many times this year. It's a beautiful park with forests along a deep gorge, and three waterfalls. It's only an hour's drive from me, but I've seldom gone there before.

I went there in the spring with my friends, Paul and Jennifer. They came to visit for a weekend, and we saw all three water falls, and the Mt. Morris Dam. Paul is into professional photography, so we took time to take many gorgeous pictures.

I went there in the summer with my friend, Marcia. We had both been there before, so we decided to follow some trails away from the gorge. We visited a museum, and followed a few trails into the woods.

I went there in the fall on a whitewater rafting trip that my friend, Jackie, organized. She had invited nearly twenty people. I sat in a raft with Jackie, her two friends through work, and my friend, Mark. It's a class I and II river, so was fairly tame, but it was my first time doing such a thing, so I had a lot of fun.

I went there again in the fall with my friend, Frank. High above the Upper Falls, there is a train trellis that goes across the gorge. I've wanted to walk on that bridge for the thrill of it, so we did. It was a Upper Falls. While we were there, we had another amazing experience--a train went across the bridge. There's a pedestrian walkway on the bridge, so we were safe, but it's amazing to have seen this huge, long machine rolling past us, making the bridge shake! Afterwards, we went past the Lower Falls and walked across to an island in the middle of the river.

Cedar Point Park

My greatest love in life are amusement parks, especially the roller coasters you'd find there. I went back to Cedar Point Park in Ohio this year with my friend, Jim. We rode nearly all the roller coasters and we went on the water slides as well. There was a new roller coaster called Mantis. It's fastest, longest, highest stand-up roller coaster in the world!

Renaissance Faire

My friend invited a group of us to his cottage at North Lake (west of the Adirondacks) for a weekend. The group consisted of myself, Carole, Shawn, Doug, Greg, and Sarah. Carole and I went to the Renaissance Faire one day in Sterling, NY, where there were crafts, shows and foods in a medieval England theme. The other day, the entire group went out on the lake in my friend's boat, and spent time at the beach making sandcastles.

["One thing: The Sterling Renaissance Festival is *NOT* medieval England, it's Renaissance England (hence the name). 1585. Elizabeth I. (When I worked there we had a hell of a time getting people to play the correct time period, so I'm touchy on the subject. :-)" -- Brian Talley]

Mount Greylock, Massachussetts

Every time I visited Boston, I'd pass a pedestrian bridge labelled "Appalachian Trail." I'd look to one side and see nothing but mountains and forest. I'd look the other way and see nothing but mountains and forests. I'd think to myself, "It would be so fun to hike this trail!" I never did, though, because it's something I didn't want to do alone.

One time, I was talking with my friend, Colleen, and she suggested hiking and camping on the Appalacian Trail. I never even mentioned the idea, but I was very excited that someone else had the same idea! Colleen, her friend, Gonan, and I decided to go to the part of the trail that passes through Mount Greylock. We hiked to the top of Mount Greylock, where we rested and soaked in the beauty around us. Then we hiked to Jones' Nose, where we set up camp to a beautiful, colorful sunset. It rained the next day without stop, so we decided to hike back to our cars and call off the trip a day early. In a way, I actually enjoyed the hike in the rain because of all the new streams, and the rich colors of the forest.

Saranac Lake, New York

Having enjoyed camping with each other, Colleen and I went camping in the Adirondacks with her mother, and her mother's fiancee (who is also a friend of mine.) We were planning to go canoeing and camping, but with the rain (is there a pattern here) we decided to tour nearby Lake Placid. It turned out that we only canoed for two hours, instead of the entire trip like we planned. Still, we were flexible and found ways to have fun, so the trip was worthwhile.

Sigla Visits From Lithuania

My friend, Sigla, from Lithuania visited her uncle. I was pleased to spend time with her, and went to see Phantom of the Opera with her, when the show came to Rochester.

Actually, I had gone to see the show with my mother as well. That means I've seen it three times. Though I was in awe of the technical aspects of the show the first time I saw it, I was emotionally moved by the story this time. After all, it's a story about love lost.

Poughkeepsie Trip

My second cousin, Chris and I visited my friends, Paul and Jennifer, in Poughkeepsie for their annual barbecue. They had invited close friends and family. It was a great deal of fun. I'm especially proud because Chris and I won the darts competition, and Chris won a medal for going to the barbecue for the most food! Afterwards, Paul and I engaged in manly competition of computer games.


I've spent a complete year living on my own. Also, I bought a car of my very own this year, a 1995 Ford Taurus. This is the first time I've spent completely on my own, with no support from my parents, and I'm very proud of that fact.

I'm still working at Questra Consulting and have been excited with the variety of projects I've worked on. Especially the current one at Kodak. I help create the back-end of a system that allows people to submit photographs (for reprinting and enlargements, plain or in decorative templates) over the Internet and print the pictures on photographic paper, photograph album covers and wine bottle labels which get mailed back to the customer.

What a drain to my finances this year had been! With buying a new laptop computer, saving for retirement, buying a car, paying rent all year, and travelling as much as I like, this is the first year I carried a balance on my credit card all year.

Colleen's going to travel for two months across the country next year in a trailer with her parents and step-uncle. She's asked me to join her. You know, I've thought about doing that before, but didn't find it worthwhile to do it alone. Now, Colleen conjures images of traveling across the country--hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, and doing other things I know we'd both enjoy.

This is the best time of my life to do the things I'd really want to do. If something is really important to, go for it!

Season's Greetings

Whether I see you often, or I seldom see you, you're on my mind because of the pleasurable company we've shared.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the upcoming year!

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