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Men Behaving Badly is a hilarious British comedy about two men, Gary and Tony, who are roommates.  Gary has a love/hate relationship with Dorothy.  Actually, Gary wishes he could do better, but Dorothy is the only one who would put up with his antics.  Tony is free-spirited, but longs for Deborah who lives upstairs.

The Main Characters

This is Gary, the bloke who owns the downstairs flat.  He's manager at the London branch of a security devices firm.  He's been dating Dorothy for a long time, though he likes to keep his options open.

This is Tony.  He shares the flat with Gary and fully intends to pay him the back rent when he stops puttering and gets a job.  He's in love with Deborah, but that doesn't stop him from getting around.

This is Deborah.  She owns the upstairs flat.  She tries to live a responsible life and may go for Tony if he wasn't so irresponsible.  Or would she?

This is Dorothy.  She has no idea what keeps her drawn to Gary considering how little respect she gets from him.  She's a nurse, which is probibly why she feels a need to take care of Gary.

Other Characters

Harry Enfield plays Dermot.  He was Gary's first roommate (for the first series only) until he left to go around the world with a girl called Latitsia on her Yamaha.  (We think he's better known as Tony Jr.)  

Dave Atkins plays Les.  He's the bartender at the local pub that the guys frequent.  He's a complete and utter slob, but the qualifications for a bartender aren't so high, eh?  Christina Avery plays Joy, Les' wife (during the first series only.)

Valarie Minifie plays Anthea.  She's Gary's wholesome secretary at the firm.

Ian Lindsay plays George.  He's Gary's subordinate at the firm.  He lives a simple, unambitious life.

The Series

I suggest starting with series 4 or series 5 which proved to be most fun to watch, then continuing with any other series. Click on the following links to get snippets of the show.

Series 1
Series 2 (under construction)
Series 3 Series 4 Series 5 Series 6
Last Orders (under construction)
Jingle B***s

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