Board Game Session Report for December 27, 2006: Category 5, Gift Trap, Carcassonne


Rusty Scabbard session. 7-player Category 5, 6-player Gift Trap, 4-player Carcassonne.

Category 5

Players were Melinda, Robert, Keith, Greg, Nil, Richard, myself. New players to the game were: Melinda, Robert, Keith, Greg.

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We had such a good turn out and we wanted to keep every one involved, so we picked Category 5 to start with.

Actually, Keith and Richard joined in after the first hand, so we started them off at the median score of seven.

It was fun to see the wildly swinging scores, as always. The big surprise was the newbie, Robert, who was silent and thoughtful. He maintained a low score through out the game for the win.

Andy, Mike and Matt joined us. So, we also played Werewolf. Nil wanted to be nice, so she didn't like the idea of lynching people. So we took people into protective custody instead.

We also played Electronic Catch Phrase. It was hard to keep interest going around the table with so many people around.

We didn't keep score for the multiple rounds of werewolf, and the short round of Electronic Catch Phrase.

Score are for Category 5 (showing cumulative scores for each hand.)

Final scores were:

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Gift Trap

Players were Richard, Mike, Matt, Melinda, Andy, myself. New players to the game were: Richard, Mike, Matt, Andy, myself.

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This was a fun game with a good way to learn about each other. For example, I learned that Andy hates sea food, which makes for a bad gift.

People seemed to have pegged me. I don't have much of a poker face. My score was generally high on the get track, but it took me a little time to figure out what kinds of things other people appreciated. Though, a few of us gave in to playing the game and anticipated what other people would think they'd want.

In the end, Melinda voted to concede to me, because I was very close to winning and because she had to leave.

Image: Gift Trap
Caption: Gift Trap end-game.

Game lasted 72 minutes.

Final scores were:

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Players were Mike, ShaunG, Andy, myself. Mike was a new player to the game. Mike had the first turn.

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Why do our games of Carcassonne take so long? It's because, no matter what expansions we include, we play with all the tiles. This time, we played with builders and traders.

Our space grew beyond the table's edge, so we added another table to take the over flow.

Mike enjoyed realizing the strategy for the game as it unfolded. Andy was taking points when ever he could, maximizing his tile placement. ShaunG took the strategy of building up points slowly but surly, in ever expanding cities and farms. This was very effective in misleading us, because his score was down for the first half of the game, then he shot ahead. I must've been out of it, because I felt like the tiles I was drawing were not the ones I needed for my long term strategy. I would've really liked to draw a second tile as often as possible from the builder, but that was not to be.

In the end, ShaunG and Andy teetered on the winning score, with Andy coming out ahead. The game may have been even closer between the two, because we discovered a illegal tile placement made towards the end of the game.

Image: Carcassonne
Caption: Carcassonne end-game.

Game lasted 102 minutes.

Final scores were:

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